Tom Lowe – National Marketing Manager @ EY Australia

1. Before we dive into your role at EY, what has your career journey looked like so far?

Well, it all kicked off at a pancake parlour in my hometown of Batemans Bay, NSW. As soon as I was old enough to legally work, I begged for a job there. I’d finish each shift covered in maple syrup… but I couldn’t get enough!  

1)Working in higher education

Following that, I completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Canberra and worked in marketing roles for a bunch of higher education institutions here in Australia, plus the UK for a few years. 

It was an awesome time in my life; I was getting great work experience, building my network and frequently travelling for work to places like the USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Europe.

2)Transitioning into the government & professional services sector

Afterwards, I ran advertising campaigns for the government and eventually found my groove within the professional services sector. 

I joined EY in June 2021 and haven’t looked back!

I’ve always enjoyed working with people, the art of storytelling and solving tricky problems with big, bold ideas!

2. Transitioning into work, what does a National Marketing Manager @ EY Australia do?

How is the marketing function structured?

Marketing sits within the broader Brand, Marketing and Communications (BMC) function of the firm. 

We’re a central team who collaborate with the business to help take services and solutions to market, build relationships, engage our people and enhance the EY brand.

I might be biassed but I think BMC is the best part of the firm to work in. We contribute to market-leading activities that truly impact our clients – while having lots of fun in the process!

What does your role entail?

I wear two ‘hats’ at EY.

  1. Leading a national marketing team
  2. Leading the marketing strategy for EY in Sydney

It’s challenging and no two days are ever the same – but that’s exactly why I love it!

1)Leading a national marketing team

The team is responsible for driving brand, revenue growth and market connection opportunities in their respective regions.

2)Leading the marketing strategy for EY in Sydney

Sydney is our largest market in Australia. I work closely with our leadership team and find ways to engage, inspire, surprise and delight EY’s new and existing clients through the power of marketing. That takes shape through digital campaigns, sponsorships, corporate hospitality activations, major events and more.

3. What’s an example of a campaign that you’ve worked on and what was your role in bringing it to life?

Campaign: Digital advertising campaign for federal government

What was it?

The government had just launched a new website to provide resources and grants to help entrepreneurs with all stages of planning, starting and running a business

A campaign was needed to generate more awareness of the website’s existence among the target audience and encourage greater usage of the government resources that could help their businesses thrive.

What was your role?

I developed a multi-channel marketing plan for the campaign and then set to work on procuring:

  • A market research agency to better understand our target audience (and how we could reach them) 
  • A creative agency to develop a distinctive ‘look and feel’ for the campaign materials

After extensive concept testing with focus groups, the campaign ran for six months with over 100 digital advertisements live at any point in time, directing the target audience to dedicated campaign landing pages to complete the calls to action.

What was the outcome?

All campaign goals and objectives were met (and exceeded!) and the campaign reached more than 50% of all entrepreneurs in Australia.

4. What do the entry level pathways for marketing in the professional services space look like?

Typically, a formal qualification (usually a bachelor’s degree in marketing or commerce) or significant work experience will open pathway options for entry level marketing roles.

Research widely and find organisations that align with your own interests. The roles are likely to be at Associate or Coordinator level and the best thing about them is the broad range of projects you’ll be exposed to. 

Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves, listen and learn, share ideas and explore how you can make your mark in the organisation.   When interviewing entry-level candidates, what I look for is initiative, enthusiasm, life experience and potential to grow.

5. What’s one thing you recommend an aspiring marketer do right now?

Invest in relationships… AKA, build (and nurture) your network! 

You know your friend’s dad who works in comms for that cool company? Or your neighbour’s cousin who just landed a marketing role at a start-up? Reach out to them and ask for an introduction. 

You’ll find that people are usually generous with their time and connections if they can sense your ambition. After all, they’ve been on a similar journey to you and had to work their way up the ladder too.  


Lastly, when applying for jobs, make your application POP! 

Marketers are relied upon for bringing ambitious ideas to life, so demonstrate how you can do that through your CV, cover letter or during the interview.

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Join 153 young people getting 3 new interviews every Monday

"Love it guys! Super exciting and easy reads"
William Tu
UNSW Student
"Awesome insight! Keen for the next scoop!"
Sophia Cantora
Junior Marketer