Jamie-Lee Carter – Business Coordinator @ DDB Group Australia

1. Before we dive into your role at DDB Group Australia, what has your career journey looked like so far?

My start has been very untraditional, working mostly hospitality gigs, retail and even childcare! I began my studies straight out of highschool, doing a year in psychology and then quickly moving into a Bachelor of Advertising and Media, and always worked two jobs – one that paid, and one that taught. 

The learning gigs were internships. I interned for AdNews, one of the leading industry publications, worked for Qnary as a Client Success Manager, interned with a small-scale marketing firm called Smart Mango and finally, landed my favourite gig of all (before now, of course) – interning at DDB!

2. Transitioning into work, what the heck does a Business Coordinator @ DDB Group Australia do?

What is DDB Group Australia?

DDB is one of the world’s largest and most influential advertising and marketing networks with over 200 offices in 90 countries. DDB Group is a full-service Advertising Agency specialising in integrated communications, who are in the business of driving client growth through emotional advantage™. We have two offices in Australia; Sydney and Melbourne, but also work very closely with global teams on many accounts.

What does a Business Coordinator do?

A Business Coordinator supports the Business Management team in day-to-day tasks as they learn the processes of the Agency, the Business Management team and the client relationship/business.

What does your role entail specifically?

Each day is different, but overall I am responsible for:

  • Approvals, problem resolution and communicating material instructions between media partners and networks for both radio & TVC channels across all campaigns,
  • Managing CRM Agenda for the wider DDB Group and Clients, and setting up meeting rooms
  • Organisation of Events (internal and external, including bookings, decor, catering and relevant budgets/approvals)
  • Editing fortnightly social reports
  • Compiling and editing of Global Decs (presentations)
  • General administration and organisation of internal operations
  • Assisting Senior Business Managers with brief writing and campaign management

3. What’s an example of a campaign that you’ve worked on and what was your role in bringing it to life?

Campaign Name: McDonalds Loose Change Menu – March Campaign
Creative Example:

What was it?

The McDonald’s Australia Value Loose Change Menu offer, $2 Hamburger and $3 Chicken McBites, which ran the entire month of March. This campaign included digital display, social, audio and TVC.

What was your role?

Supporting role to the Lead Business Manager, which included overseeing all aspects of campaign development from:

  • Client briefing
  • Internal brief writing
  • Creative development
  • Production of assets
  • Approvals and dispatching to our media partners, OMD Australia.

4. For those who are curious about a career in advertising, what do the entry level pathways look like?

Check out graduate programs, internship experiences and agency-lead workshops. These are all great starting points and provide opportunities to network!

What about as a Business Coordinator?

Cracking into the Ad industry is arguably all about one key move – networking

Building relationships through internships and placement opportunities, and working hard to perform in these roles, is only the first step. Maintaining these relationships, which can be as simple as a monthly coffee or approaching a senior for mentorship, is a great way to keep your name top-of-mind when entry-level roles – like a Business Coordinator – become available. 

Know the business, understand the client, be enthusiastic and have a good (and recognisably so) work ethic – this will help you get your foot in the door!

5. What one thing you recommend someone who’s curious about working in advertising do right now?

Read up on the industry – leading publications like AdNews and Mumbrella is a great place to start! They dive into campaigns, award winning work and key career moves, as well as give a great overview of what the industry is all about.

If you’re liking what you read, starting to wiggle with excitement in your seat when you see great work and better yet – start forming opinions about the work, then make note of the creative agencies involved and hit them up for internship opportunities. You’ve gotta make bold moves, friends!

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Join 153 young people getting 3 new interviews every Monday

"Love it guys! Super exciting and easy reads"
William Tu
UNSW Student
"Awesome insight! Keen for the next scoop!"
Sophia Cantora
Junior Marketer